“My lawn is the envy of all of our neighbors. After about four months on your service I started to see the lawn turn around. It is now thicker and greener than it ever was. Your customer service is excellent and your technicians seem to really know what they are doing. I would definitely recommend you to my family and friends.”

Mary from Land Park, Monthly Client

“Over the years I have gone through several gardeners. They are all the same, they mow, blow and if you’re lucky throw down some fertilizer. None of them seemed to pay any attention to the true needs of my property. The detail and depth that your company has brought back to my landscape is amazing! Everything is pristine and the grass is greener than ever. Thank you for caring!!!”

Jim from Elk Grove, Weekly Maintenance Client

“ Several years ago I became tired of my existing sprinkler system, and decided to contact TurfPro about finding a better solution. My sprinklers at the time watered shrubs and lawn on the same stations; over watering some plants and leaving others watered too little. TurfPro’s experts came in, assessed the situation, then designed and implemented a much more effective system that not only made my lawn and shrubs far healthier, but reduced the overall amount of water we were using.”

Jerry from Rancho Murieta, Irrigation Repair Client

“I was a customer of a national company for about two years. I never saw any real results, I still had the same amount of weeds and the lawn never got any greener. I made several phone calls to inform them that I was not seeing any results. I never talked to the same person and no one seemed to know what was going on. I decided that I wanted to deal with a local company. Since I hired TurfPro my weeds have disappeared and the lawn is the greenest it has ever been. You can tell that TurfPro takes pride in their work. With the economy the way it is I will only continue to do business with companies that truly care.”

Bob from Roseville, Monthly Client

“Our past monthly lawn service provider was unable to diagnose the brown spots in our lawn. The problem kept spreading until approximately one third of our lawn had turned brown. I saw a TurfPro truck in our neighborhood one day and decided to call. Your technician came out right away and determined that it was grubs. The treatments have worked great and the lawn renovation is now fully established. Our lawn is lush and green, once again! Thank you!!!

Kathy from Wilton, Monthly Client

“After we moved into our new home we used Angie’s List as a referral site to find a new weekly maintenance company. As soon as we met with TurfPro we knew they were the right people for the job. They were very prepared and listened to exactly what we wanted. The crew does an excellent job paying attention to detail. They even take our garbage cans up to the house for us!!! Thanks for everything you do.”

Tim from Granite Bay, Weekly Maintenance Client

“A year ago my weekly gardener told me that he could repair our irrigation system. One of our six stations was not coming on. After he completed his repairs none of the stations were coming on, and it was in the middle of a heat wave. I had seen a TurfPro truck in the area and decided to call. You had one of your technicians out to our home the following day. He completely went through our system, made the necessary repairs, and by the time he left all of our stations were working properly. I have not had to make any further repairs to the system and due to your timely response did not have to deal with a dried out lawn. Thank you.”

Roger from Folsom, Irrigation Repair Client

“Two years ago my husband and I decided to redo the landscape to our backyard. A friend of ours recommended us to TurfPro. At the time we did not know exactly what we wanted but knew that we wanted to create our own little paradise. You came in and listened to what we wanted and put together an on-site design for us. It was exactly what we wanted! Your crew was very polite and showed up everyday on time. The communication and customer service provided to us by your company was excellent. The end result was perfect and my husband and I will enjoy it for a long time to come. Thank you!!!

Sandra from El Dorado Hills, Landscape Renovation Client

“…It is very unusual to have a renovation project turn out as beautiful as my property while establishing ongoing relationships with honest, high quality, knowledgeable and talented people at the same time… During the process of many interviews, I interviewed Mario Carson from TurfPro who brought in an arborist, walked the property and worked with me to restore the property to its natural beauty… We worked in phases and the property is more beautiful than ever. They are a great group of people to work with and I look forward to them maintaining the beauty of my property for many years to come….”

Jerry from Carmichael, Landscape Renovation Client