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Open Area Weed Abatement >>


To provide optimal control of weeds year round in field areas, drainage ditches, firebreaks, field borders and gravel driveways:

  • Post-emergent applications of herbicide are made anytime weeds are present and are recommended before they reach 6″.
  • Pre-emergent herbicide is recommended twice a year, in the spring and fall.

Annual Color Program >>


Color in your yard can have more visual impact than any other element. Adding seasonal color to your landscape provides interest and change throughout the year. No matter what season, we can add color plantings that truly make your landscape stand out.

Garden beds are kept colorful with a cycle of flowering annuals, from a budgeted number of flats, to maintain a fresh appearance year round.

  • Our experts select, install and maintain seasonal color.
  • Fertilization, insect and disease control are included.
  • Beds are weeded and dead flowers pinched off to keep plants and garden beds looking their best.
  • Dead or unsightly plants will be replaced.

Aquatic Weed & Algae Control >>


Ponds and waterways should be a compliment to your landscaping. But as temperatures increase, problems can arise. Algae and aquatic weeds grow rapidly in warm temperatures.

  • TurfPro proactively treats algae and unsightly plant growth by adding an algaecide and post-emergent aquatic weed control to the water.
  • Establishing a preventive cycle of treatment minimizes the undesired plant growth.
  • Timely treatments are vital to the process of reducing algae and aquatic weeds and maintaining an attractive water area.